Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The low Life of High End

Everyone knows what high end products are. They're the non-retail mucho expensive boxes (which usually only contain a few packs) that people buy just for the game used. Topps Tribute is a good example. I'd have to break the bank just two afford a pack of that stuff, while most collectors dig in, just to see if they can get a good player (which, most of the time, they don't)

Let's say I had the cojones to get a pack of that stuff (Which will never happen, unless I win the lottery or become a world famous star). I open the pack, and my big hit is a player that I hate, like Carl Yastremzski (No idea how to spell it), or Fergie Jenkins, a guy who some thing should not be in the hall of fame. Then, that's 100 dollars down the crapper. But the slight possiblity that I get a Yankee (which isn't very slight, since sooooo many people retired with the Yankees and went to Cooperstown) would drive me to get the pack...and be let down when I see a game used to Don Sutton (Because I have to say something bad about a Dodger now that I've read this).

And people still buy the high end products, even though they know that there's a 1 in a million chance they'll get something good. And that is why I stick with the low end.

And if you bloggers know me by now, this is the part where I ask you some question that nobody answers. What's your take on high end? Do you hate it? Do you love it, even though at the end of the day nobody wants that Dom Mossi autograph?

By the way, this post is not meant to offend any big name bloggers, specifically Dodger fans, Boston fans and Fergie Jenkins' mother.


  1. I honestly agree with you. I don't even look at the high end stuff. Unfortunately nowadays it is the "hits" that drive the industry. I don't even care for all these subsets and inserts that go into a pack of card anymore. I prefer the day when I was young and you got 15 cards or so in a pack for cheap. Once in a while, you would be bummed because you got a checklist card, but you dealt with it. When you can't even buy a box of cards(which cost too much), and make a set, something is wrong. Some of us collect, because we love to have memories of our favorite players not to make a giant wad of cash. I guess I am probably in the minority though.

  2. I'm not a fan of High-end stuff either. If I were to write something about this topic on my blog it would probably sound very similar. I'm not rich, would probably get some crap that I didn't want, and I'm not a overly lucky when busting wax.

  3. It isn't limited to high end though. Since I mostly collect hockey, I can count on both hands the times I have been burned with boxes of SP, SPx, Ice, and Champs. Those are all mid range products, at best.