Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bartolo Colon- why?

The Yankees were supposed to benefit from the offseason. With Lee, Grienke, Webb and others free to sign, they might have been on top of the world. Then, as pitchers were gobbled up quickly, the Yankees tried to sign anyone remotely good that MIGHT lead them past other teams. All the Yankees have really gotten in terms of starters has been...Mark Prior? And he;s not even in the majors.

Bartolo Colon was signed to a minor league deal. They know that Bartolo wasn't what he was in 2005, when he won the CY Young in a squeaker. They know that he's swatted around the Major Leagues like a ping pong ball the last few years, and that he's getting old. The Yankees just want a few decent pitchers, as if a Sabathia, Burnett, Nova, Hughes rotation isn't good enough.

Time will tell if minor league fallen stars like Colon and Prior will make the big league roster.

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