Saturday, January 8, 2011

Everybody hates the...other teams

Last year, I had a post explaining once and for all reasons that everybody else already knew of why people hated the Yankees. This year, I kinda thought it needed a sequel. Because the one team I think of besides the Yankees when I think of hatred, is Boston. But, that's because I'm a Yankee fan. Then I thought- is there more to baseball hatred than just Yankees and Boston? I'll be the judge of that.

To be clear, these are not my opions, just estimated opinions of the fans of the opposing teams.


Tampa Bay Rays:
Haters: Red Sox
Reasons: 2008 Playoffs (That's not one of my reasons), Longoria, Price, that damn Soriano.

Toronto Blue Jays:
Haters: The other AL East teams
Reasons: For winning those two damn WS's in the Nineties, Joe Freaking Carter, Vernon Wells.

Baltimore Orioles :
Haters: Not many- Just Red Sox, I think.
Reasons: Uhhh...lemme think...Brooks and Frank back in the day? There aren't many reasons to hate the Orioles.

Boston Red Sox: (Just for comparison)
Haters: Pretty much everybody in the league.
Reasons: The gaaddamn Baaaston fans, Manny being Manny, Big Papi, Pedroia, Beckett and Daisuke, sucking for so long and complaining about a curse, Johnny Damon, Yaz, Fisk's home run in '76, the stadium's older than anyone in my family- the list can go on and on.


Chicago White Sox:
Haters: Twins.
Reasons: Black Sox scandal, Konerko, currently having Manny, 05 series.

Detroit Tigers:
Haters: Indians
Reasons: Making people feel sorry for them, Ty Cobb, Magglio Ordonez, 06 season, Cabrera.

Cleveland Indians:
Haters: Tigers
Reasons: Uhhhh...Travis and Grady, and Choo? There aren't many reasons to hate these guys, and I'm not saying that because a friend of mine's a Cleveland fan.

Minnesota Twins:
Haters: White Sox
Reasons: Current holder of Thome, Kirby's homers to win the series', Blyleven (but not anymore), Nathan, Mauer, Morneau, Delmon

Kansas City Royals:
Haters: Unless you count the players, not many
Reasons: Uhhh...lack of star power...just gave star pitcher to Milwaukee, big star hitter can't get out of AA,...that's it.

AL West:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Haters: Rangers, Mariners
Reasons: Torii, Bobby, Jered, Haren and the rest, actually won a World Series

Oakland Athletics:
Haters: Mariners? I dunno.
Reasons: Uhhh....lemme think...Andrew Bailey? Having a Giant Elephant as a mascot? Giving up all the four awesome pitchers? Bash Bros?

Seattle Mariners:
Haters: Angels
Reasons: Ichiro gobbling up publicity, King Felix, the 90's.

Texas Rangers:
Haters: Angels,
Reasons: '10 season, Nelson Cruz, Hamilton, Young, Kinsler, ROY Feliz, the fact that the former GM went on to do stranger run the country.

NL East:

Philadelphia Phillies:
Haters: Mets, Marlins, Braves
Reasons: The Fantastic Four (Lee, Oswalt, Halladay, Hamels), 08 season, being so damn good, Howard, Rollins, Werth (not anymore!), fans.

New York Mets:
Haters: Phillies, Braves
Reasons: Shea, Wright, Ike, Bay, Beltran, Johan, the fans, Piazza

Atlanta Braves:
Haters: Phillies, Mets
Reasons: Chipper, McCann, Huddy, Jair, J-Hey, the 90's, the Big Three

Florida Marlins:
Haters: Phillies, Mets, Braves
Reasons: 1997 and 2003 campaigns, the fact that they actually won a World Series, Han-Ram, Coghlan, Stanton, Johnson

Washington Nationals:
Haters: Not really anybody. The senate?
Reasons: real reasons to hate a team that doesn't make enemies. See Baltimore.

NL Central:

Pittsburgh Pirates:
Haters: The Players
Reasons: The fact that they've had 20+ straight losing seasons, giving away all the good players before July, McCutchen

Cincinatti Reds:
Haters: Pirates
Reasons: the '10 campaign, Votto, Bruce, the pitching, Big Red Machine,

Chicago Cubs:
Haters: Cardinals, Braves
Reasons: The fact that for 100 years now they can't win a World Series, Soriano, Aramis, KosFu, Soto, old stadium

St. Louis Cardinals:
Haters: Cubs
Reasons: Overinflation of Pujols, McCann, the mid-00's series quest, 06 series, Rasmus, Carp

Houston Astros:
Haters: Brewers?
Reasons: Bagwell and Biggio, 05 campaign, Pence, Lee, Brett Myers

Milwaukee Brewers:
Haters: Astros, Braves
Reasons: Prince, Braun, Gallardo, Beer and Cheese

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers:
Haters: Giants
Reasons: Old Stadium, Blake, Ethier, Kemp, Kershaw, traditions,

San Francisco Giants:
Haters: Dodgers
Reasons: '10 series, Posey, WIIIIIIILSSSSSOOOOOON, Kung Fu Panda, home runs flying into the bay, the Freak, Cain

San Diego Padres:
Haters: Dodgers? D-Backs?
Reasons: Well...not that many, now...

Arizona Diamondbacks:
Haters: Rockies
Reasons: Upton, Webb, showoffishness, 2001 Series, Johnson and Schilling

Colorado Rockies:
Haters: D-Backs
Reasons: Being up in the goddamn mountains, Todd Helton-an actual Mountain Man, Fowler, Tulo, Ubaldo.

If there's any info I missed, leave it in the comments. Let's see if this is a worthy sequel.


  1. As a Braves fan, I absolutely LOATHE the gorram Marlins. Awful, lousy, worthless, low rent crummy stadium Eric Gregg is blind buying titles then firesaling and pocketing revenue sharing dirty Montreal killing greedy dumbass numbskull owner stupid teal uniform Marlins.

    I hates them.

    Also hate: Yankees, Twins, Blue Jays, pretty much all former NL West teams, you already mentioned the Mutts and Philthies, not too happy with the Cardinals, there's a sibling rivalry thing going on with the Brewers but it's not quite hate. Oh yeah, and the $@%^# CUBS. So sick of the lousy Cubs. Bleaaarrgh I hate the Cubs!

    (so full of hate!)

  2. White Sox: Twins I THINK (?!?)


    And dayf, let me know when the Braves fans drop the stupid Tommahawk Chop so I can start liking them again, please.

  3. Oh, and under reasons: "Hawk" Harrelson's homerism and weak excuses.

  4. Brewers definitely do not hate the Astros. Our new National League rival is the Cubs, but I personally hate the Twins. (Mostly because of the in-laws and the frequent trips to stupid Minnesota.)