Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Bowl 45: Cheese vs. Steel

Last night, as predicted by myself, not only did the Packers steamroll over daaaaaaaaa bears, but due to a close call, the Steelers won over the Jets. Apparently, this is good because both teams would match up well against each other. That being said, I'm rooting for the Packers to win, mainly because overall, they are the better team.

Aaron Rodgers. Clay Matthews. Donald Driver. James Starks. A pantheon of terrific players offensive and defensive. This is the reason the Packers got by the other two- their defense is excellent, and only lets few a couple of touchdowns. Also, Aaron Rodgers has not been plagued with any scandal this year (that I know of), unlike another quarterback, whose name is somehow making me hungry. Plus, isn't it about time that somebody OTHER than the Steelers won the Super Bowl? I mean...they've won 6 of 'em, making it the most of all time. One of these days, somebody has to jump in and win one instead of them.

This is no way makes me a Green Bay fan. I am still a Eagles fan from the start. But for one day in Dallas, Texas...go Pack.

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