Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The ToppsTown Experiment: Part 2.5

A few weeks ago, I reported that I had began my quest to finish Football's ToppsTown set. I also said that I had about 20 cards left until I completed the set. And that aggrivated me. Because, as I said, nobody gives up what you need...without a little extra involved.

Needless to say, about 2 minutes ago I checked my TT account, and noticed there was a sudden urge of points in the left hand corner. I check my binder- I have all 172 cards, after making a desperate trade for Larry Fitzgerald.

I was excited. I was now officially ready for 2011's card releases to begin.

This means I don't have to go to ToppsTown for a while, but at least the few weeks I had on the site for football counted, a bit.

Just so you're wondering, no I haven't gotten cards in a while, being that today's snow was so bad all the schools in my area were closed. I'll get some sooner or later- I'm interested in the new Magic Football set. Mainly because of the design, but I also love that wrapper. And who doesn't?

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