Monday, January 17, 2011

The Craziest Football Season I have ever seen

Back in September, things were so quiet. So peaceful. So...sane. The Saints, Colts and Patriots were frontrunners for what was sure to be an eventful year. Brett Favre was confident that he would go out with a bang, as Philly fans everywhere dreamed of a good season once again.

Flash forward five months. New England, Indianapolis, New Orleans and Philadelphia, four teams that would have been clear frontrunner had the season been normal, are out of the race. The Ravens are gone, even though I'd have enjoyed to see them in the Super Bowl. All that is left is four teams, three of which I never would have guessed to be in the playoffs. In order of Probability to be in the Super Bowl, here are the lucky winners.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers. For this one, I wasn't surprised. You see, Rothliesberger and the gang always seem to make the playoffs every year- whether they make it or not is besides the fact. For every year I've been following football, the Steelers always seemed to be good. After all, with the help of Hines Ward, James Harrison and the rest, the Steelers have won 2 Super Bowls in the last 10 years, bringing their total to six. That's the most Super Bowls ever. And being that they are being pitted against the Cinderella Jets, I'm guessing it will end in triumph for the Steel City, with no offense to the five million Jets fans in the blogosphere. Since I'm not a big AFC fan, I wouldn't want Pittsburgh to win their seventh, but anything can happen. Odds of Making the Super Bowl: 2:1.
  2. Green Bay Packers. This team came way out of left field. After Favre left, and after Rodgers' rocky season, I wasn't sure that Green Bay would make it this far. But they have surprised me, in not only defeating my hometown Eagles, but crushing, and I mean crushing, the Atlanta Falcons two nights ago (I know of one particular person that was screaming at the TV that night) The Pack is red hot, and it doesn't look like anyone, even Chicago, can stop them. Time will tell if they can hold up in the NFC Championship, or maybe even the Super Bowl. Odds of Making the Super Bowl: 3:1.
  3. New York Jets. Alright, here's what I have to say about Rex's warrior- they've really surprised me in the playoffs. Not only did they give a serious beatdown to the Colts, causing millions of betting pools everywhere to be lost, but they somehow narrowly escaped defeat at the hands of the Patriots. And don't get me wrong- I was ROOTING for the Jets last night, after everything those damn Pats have done to my Eagles. But if these guys are up against the Steelers now, despite being the favorite on my end, I don't know if they have much of a chance. I do like the Jets a little bit... but it's more of who I hate the least. I wanted the Colts to win, and they didn't. I didn't want the Pats to win, and they didn't. I don't want Pittsburgh to win- but you never know. Odds of making the Super Bowl: 6:1.
  4. Chicaaaaago Bears. I was never a Bears lover. I wanted them to lose against Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl a few years back, and I've always wanted them to lose period. Now, for some straaaange reason, they defeated not only the Seahawks, but they got the damn bye over the dominating Packers. Amazing- they won the division, but now the team WITHOUT the bye is better than them. Still, when the Packers play the Bears, I will be gleefully rooting AGAINST the Bears. I've cheered against them, and hell, I've even laughed at them, whenever SNL did "Daaaaaaa Bears". Because it was so true. Odds of Making the Super Bowl: 20:1

I hope my rankings are correct. Because I'll be there.

Lemme rephrase that- I will be at the Super Bowl.

More details to come.

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