Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's this? An original Bowman set?

Last year, I ranted hugely on Bowman, and the fact that the rookies and general design have become obsolete. This year, however, they've apparently listened to that rant, and put out an Original Base Set. Really!

For those who haven't seen it on every other blog, it's kinda like a cross between the 1999 Upper Deck base (only less metallic and more generic), and the old 1950's Bowman set with the TV set (only not as obvious). And to be honest, it actually looks like an okay set. I just hope that it isn't Red for the veterans, blue for the rookies again. Then, the respect will be taken back.

But still..back in the 90's Bowman wasn't generic. Every year, it was an original, distiguishable set that would be constant for veterans and rookies. It also had that Wow factor, that made you want to buy the product. Now, however, Bowman has lost that wow factor, and the specificity. Now, every set looks the safe, and it has become almost uniform, and like the same thing happens every year.

At least for 2011 we get a semi-distinguishable set that has a bit of a pop to it, instead of the same thing every year from 2003ish-2009.

I would personally like my old Bowman back, the one with an original, eye popping design, and where you can actually have the rookies and the veterans in the same design, instead of short printed gimmicked crap. I'd like a collectable, rookie set.

Of course, they could just bring back Total, but apparently that's never gonna happen. That angers me.

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