Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011- The Year in Review

Life is very strange. I can remember specific details about this exact date last year, and how we rang in 2011. Here I am kissing it goodbye. Told you life was strange.

Being that the year will be over in about 12 hours, I figure I'll do what I usually do on the blog this time of year: recap the huge baseball related events, usually beginning with "this was the year that...". Because, if nothing else, at least I'm consistent.

This was the year that I attended the Super Bowl. Got that out of the way quickly, so that the rest of the post won't be fueling your hatred of me.

This was the year that my blog readership was higher than last, which is nice. My only question is why a post titled "The Calm Before the Storm", which is a couple sentences about Topps Series 1, is getting so many reads.

This was the year that a once loved blogger shocked his fans by instead choosing to draw cartoon miniature horses.

This was the year that I visited three baseball stadiums, in Washington, Pittsburgh and Cleveland. All three games were good, with all but the Pirates winning theirs. Fitting.

This was the year that I sent out a few trade/general card packages. I realize there is one I need to get out approximately yesterday, so I'll do my best to send that one out this week.

This was the year that pretty much every Marvel movie teased next year's Avengers movie. Meanwhile, the Green Lantern movie teased the fact that there would never be a sequel.

This was the year that I held my first blog contest. I think it went rather well. Another, smaller, less complicated one should be on the way in 2012.

This was the year that I kept my interest in football cards. I eventually recieved the full factory set of Football. Unfortunately, rather than recieving the Cam Newton patch card that everyone's getting, I got the Jake Locker one. Yay.

This was the year that a team signed so many stars, and was destined to make the playoffs...then failed miserably and spent time losing to terrible teams. I'm talking about the Cowboys. Kidding, it's my frigging Birds. This year was not the best year to be an Eagles fan. Or a fan of anyone in the NFC East in that matter.

This was the year that I went to my first Eagles game. They actually won.

This was the year that after unfairly defeating my Phils in the NLDS, the Cardinals took the World Series. The first time since 2007 where I haven't been satisfied with the Series winners. And I don't wanna talk about the 2007 World Series.

This was the year that, on television, Coach lost for no reason, the bald chick lost for no reason, the guy with the really deep voice won, Deb walked in at the exact wrong time, Amy was presented with a Girlfriend Agreement, and the producers decided to just give Boston Rob the money.

This was the year that a baseball player saw one of my customs, liked it, and posted it as his Twitter profile picture. Thanks again Brent.

So it was a pretty good year for me. I guess that only means one thing: Next year's going to be even better.

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