Friday, December 2, 2011

Year by Year Customs: 1966

This card is hanging above my wall, and I think it captures the sheer power of Ryan Howard. One of my all time favorites.

Another one of my all time favorites. No way you can look at this and not smile...okay, except if you're a Dodgers fan.

You're probably wondering why this guy isn't first. 2 Reasons: 1: He plays against one of my favorite teams many times, and 2: Unless he were on said team, I would not root for him, because there's no way you can get that much power in 1 year just by working out. I'm onto you, Bautista...

Comeback player of the year. And by comeback, I mean "Come back to Seattle/Queens. We needed you this hot"

Tomorrow- A decent enough design, and a few good choices.

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