Monday, December 5, 2011

The Right Choice

(To experience the full impact of this post, read it in Morgan Freeman's voice)

There are very few situations these days where the right choice, the absolute right choice is made. In life, there are way too many choices, but the only constant is that there's one right choice, hiding in plain sight, that if chosen will make everything better, and everyone happy.

One such choice was Derek Jeter's decision to resign with the Yankees last year. It may not have been the most fiscally pleasing choice, but who could see Derek Jeter in any other uniform? This way, if and when he retires, he will do so with his own team, without moving to several, and therefore squandering his legacy, similar to a certain former Green Bay Quarterback. This was believed by many to be the right choice. And it was. This season, Jeter connected for the 3000th time, and, despite not making it to the last half of October, still made an impact on the game.

Another such decision was Topps' to bring back Gypsy Queen for another run next season. The product was undeniably the surprise product of the year, and will certainly rack up many personal blogger awards (as well as a Gummie or two). It was a well designed set, with well thought out inserts, and interesting parallels and hits. And, rightfully so, Topps is bringing it back for next year, something unfortunately not expirienced with another surprise, National Chicle. Next year will be a cooler design, more inserts, and a totally different product, unlike that of the flagship set. It's nice to know that Topps can still make the right choice.

One could go on and on about the Right Choice, and people making it, and the effects. But there is one such carefully thought out decision that occurred earlier today. Not only was it the right choice, but I am almost certain that it satisfied many people, not including supporters of the parties involved. It just seems right, like there could be no other outcome, and due to recent circumstances, any other outcome would simply be disrespectful.

Most of you know of the event of which I speak: Ron Santo will be inducted into the Hall of Fame next year. The Veterans Commitee could not have made a better choice even if they had tried. No other candidate deserved enshrinement any more than Santo. The man was one of the most iconic ballplayers of the 1960's, and no arugment of any kind could prevent his induction.

I give this account not as a fan of Santo, or Chicago, but of baseball itself. Some of you may be wondering why I devoted such a delicate posting to a player on a team I do not root for, or a player I do not worship. The answer is simple: I may not worship the team, or the man, but I, and any baseball fan in that matter, should simply know when the right choice is made. And it was made today.

Congratulations to the Santo family, and to Ron, wherever you are. No one else deserves this more.

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