Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shout out to the rain

Remember that one Calvin and Hobbes Simpsons Fairly OddParents everything episode where Calvin Bart Timmy the main character wishes for the day of the big test to be snowed out, and when it is, makes no effort whatsoever to study or make up, and then gets a bad grade on it (actually, Calvin was saved again, but that doesn't matter)?

That's sorta like the Yankees right now.

Whereas tonight, the Yankees needed a miracle, because they knew they were cooked. So Brian Cashman, stuffed tiger in hand, made a big tall wish that the game would be postponed. And lo and behold, a miracle happened and the game was shelved.

Of course now they have to face the exact same thing a day late. Which...doesn't bode well. The Tigers are a strong team, and the rain isn't making them any weaker. Unless of course, rain is the Tigers' kryptonite, much like flies are the Yankees'.

So am I happy the Yankees didn't blow it tonight? Yes. Am I at all optimistic about the game tomorrow? Nope. Okay, maybe a sliver, but just a tiny sliver.

The upside of all this rain is that instead of painfully watching the game on TBS, instead I watched an Uncle Leo episode of Seinfeld, followed by the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon and Penny sing work songs and make "Penny-loafers"

Oh, Sheldon. You're so much more joyful to watch than a losing Yankees team!

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