Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Balance Shifts


Last week, the Rangers were fully expected to clinch the AL West.

Oh ho hoooo boy. 

The Orioles' defeat of the strong-armed Rangers last night is only proof that the power is beginning to shift once again. No longer are the high payroll teams on top winning it all- instead, teams like the Orioles, Nationals and A's rise to the top.

I'll say this: I didn't see it coming, last night. I wanted the Orioles to win, no doubt, but I didn't really think it was going to occur. All year the Rangers were one of the best teams in the AL. They were playing really good baseball, and their pitching staff was moving on from CJ Wilson. And then...they lose last night and it's all over. I'll say that it's heartbreaking for most Rangers fans, but I fist pumped.

The Rangers have beaten down my Yankees before, numerous times. I'm so glad they're out of the playoffs. But now the Orioles are in our way. And now I begin nailbiting again.

The Orioles are now a good, strong team. And they have gotten hot. That's the problem. They're a good, strong, powerful, hot at the moment squad. We slowed down in August and September. The entire team isn't as hot right now as the O's, although Robinson Cano is pretty good right now.

My fear is that the Orioles will end the series crushing my Yankees, and giving an even bigger balance shift. If the Orioles, or even if the A's, beat the Billion Dollar Yankees, then it'll be the mother of all sports stories. It'll be so talked about that you'll have to escape to bars and retirement homes and places where they don't talk about it. 

That's my one fear. The Orioles are fully capable of hitting my Yankees hard. The Yankees, however, are fully capable of hitting them back.

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