Thursday, February 28, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Young Edition

The A's couldn't wait for the season to end to make the first move of the offseason, and they chose well, nabbing the second-in-command of the strong D-Backs.

I think Chris Young is the outfielder that Oakland needs right now. Yeah, they made the postseason last year, but the same team can't make lightning strike twice. Maybe they need a team that can get past the Tigers, or defeat the Yankees. Young's outfield work might help them do that. Also, he's fast, adding more speed.

Still, I'm not entirely sure if the A's are going to be great again this year. The Angels and Rangers are going to try very hard to be great (whether they fail or not is beyond me), and the Mariners and Astros are going to try desperately hard to stay out of last (see the last part of the sentence). The A's...whatever happens to them needs to be decided by them getting ahead, not everybody else falling behind. If they lead the division by their own efforts, it might be a very fun postseason for them.

Coming Tomorrow- 1/3 of the Angels' outfield. Yes, I am going to be that vague.

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