Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Pierzynski Edition


Believe me, I know how random this is. I do an Adrian, a Buehrle, and a Bourn, and that's all well and good. However, even purists are gonna be confused by me putting AJ Pierzynski on the first week of customs. It's almost as foolish as...signing him to a long term contract.

But, truth be told, I really have no apprehensions upon putting an aging player on a new team, like AJ, in the first week, or month. Why? Because miracles have happened before.

In the first week of 2011 customs, I posted a Lance Berkman, and thought it was odd. That year he has an amazing season, and helps propel his Cardinals to a World Series.

In the first few weeks of 2012 customs, I posted a Carlos Beltran, and called him a cheap way to replace Pujols. In reality, he was an EXPENSIVE way to replace Pujols, having an amazing season, getting an All Star nod and a jolt to his fading career.

So, could me posting AJ's card here save his sure-to-be-a-failure 2013 season? Maybe. It has happened before. This doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen again, as a pattern here at Mint Condition is that once a pattern is pointed out, the fates turn, and soon enough it is no longer a pattern. And the fact that the previous sentence makes no sense is, in itself, a pattern.

In any case, I could be dooming AJ's season as we speak, and he could have worse numbers than Kris Humphries' math test. Nevertheless, posting his card here may either make his season a great one, or an awful one. Because posting great stars in their 30's on the first week, and watching those stars have a pitiful season, is also a pattern here at Mint Condition. Also becoming a pattern- pointing out patterns. But, I digress.

If you really need a reason for me to post an AJ Pierzynski card during the first week of customs...just look at the card. There's your reason.

Coming Tomorrow- The Mets' third baseman. Why? Because it's the first week, and I can do whatever I want. Sensing a pattern here?

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