Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Hanger Box of 2014 Topps

I had a fantastic Valentine's day, despite the fact that I was expecting another snow day and I got a paltry 2-hour delay. Still, at least I got cards out of the deal, thanks to my dad's last minute Target run. So, I'll post the results of the rip. Keep in mind that I've been getting a lot of doubles, so every double of a star I collect that I get, I'll throw out an insult.

307- Jake Peavy. Had such a nice early 2000's, only to really crap out in the last five years.
290- Chad Bettis
100- Bryce Harper. I doubt he'll ever get back to where he was in 2012.
166- Dustin Pedroia. Quite overrated. Only because of his ROY and his team. Will likely get more All Star starting nods due to the inevitable crapping-out of Robbie Cano in Seattle.
148- Chris Sale. Wow, I actually might have this one.
204- Adrian Gonzalez. Neither him nor the Padres have gotten any better since 2010.
268- Don Kelly
152- Jonathan Herrera. Jesus, he's still playing?
230- Andre Rienzo
69- Jhoulys Chacin. He had 14 wins last season, which is good enough for a mediocre team like the Rockies.
167- Jeremy Guthrie. Boy, this is one poor guy. He leaves Cleveland the year before their huge season in '07, and leaves Baltimore halfway through their awesome 2012 season. Now he's with the Royals, and will likely retire before they get good, as will most of the people on their current roster.
11- Mike Carp
94- Mitch Moreland. Why isn't Texas done with him?
29- leaders
13- Juan Nicacio
22- Mike Napoli. Liked him better when he was a catcher. And not a Red Sock.
103- leaders
92- Martin Perez. Finally, something of note I need.
269- Joe Blanton. No, I said SOMETHING OF NOTE! The ex-5th-man from Philly is not noteworthy.
118- Ian Desmond. I wish he'd slow down so J-Rol can finally have a good season and catch up.
287- Miguel Montero. Bleah
67- Yasmani Gandal. Will likely become the next Miguel Montero
264- Huston Street. Man, at least he had 2005.
247- Anthony Gose
147- Jason Frasor
313- Brad Peacock
52- Jim Adduci
179- Gerrit Cole. Man, the collation here is pretty awful.
89- Jarred Cosart
239- Jeff Samardzija
124- Jay Bruce. So many doubles..
101- Chris Nelson.
53- Clay Buchholz
282- Rex Brothers
8- Coco Crisp. I forget if I have this or not, but I love this photo. That afro...
173- Brandon League
134- Josh Donaldson
211- Dioner Navarro
174- Bobby Parnell
149- Miguel Cabrera cl
117- leaders
161- Adrian Beltre, who I forget if I have or not
64- Will Venable
185- Howie Kendrick GOLD #D TO 2014
Melky Cabrera Power Players insert.
89 mini insert of...Bryce Harper!
Upper Class insert of Fred Lynn
Future is Now insert of Yasier Puig. Man, all the hype-masters are in this pack!
270- Gregor Blanco
255- Billy Butler RED
233- Rafael Soriano RED
8- Coco Crisp YELLOW. That afro in yellow...still awesome
173- Brandon League YELLOW
306- Garrett Richards
19- Joey Votto, an actual star card that I needed
189- Adam LaRoche. The sad part is that I keep thinking LaRoche is literally about to retire. In reality he's 34, and still playing well. He's just not catching news because he's not on the Braves anymore.
329- Matt Holliday, a great shot of a great player.
201- Alex Rios, a belated Rangers shot.
159- Jason Grilli. Topps stole my shot yet again.
110- Wil Myers. That's a pretty nice one.
319- Ryan Goins
262- Jeff Kippinger
48- Jarrod Saltalamacchia
220- Ryan Doumit, who will not contend with Kurt Suzuki for the Twins' catching job, which isn't as bad as competing with Joe Mauer.
184- Yunel Escobar
5 doubles to end the pack.

Well, it wasn't the best-collated Valentine's Box, but it was still pretty nice.

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