Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow (Hey Oh)

I'm gonna write about snow. Because what the hell else is there to write about?

Snow as in there's way too much of it. Snow as in it's currently covering my driveway. Snow as in it's coming in in heaps and bevies. Snow as it's in the sole reason I'm home from school today.

Isn't is magical?

I live in Jersey, and enough South in Jersey to not be used to six major snow days per year. Like, at most I was used to 2 or 3. This year has been littered with snow days. A friend of mine joked that we were getting one every week. And last week, last Monday, there was indeed one, followed by two 2-hr-delays. Hell, this Monday was a 2-hr-delay, and I'm guessing I'll be home, in some capacity, tomorrow.

Bottom line: this is absolutely insane.

Like, I can understand people in Boston or Chicago when they get hundreds of snowstorms, and seven or eight snow days in any given year. But this is a new experience. For the first time, the school district has to add Saturday school days just to make it an even 180. And naturally, it has to be my senior year.

So in honor of the snow taking up all of my time, here are five things of note that have nothing to do with snow:

1. A.J. Burnett signed a one-year-deal with the Phillies. My first response was 'good, they needed another Roy Oswalt'. Burnett, like Oswalt, will start strong, and then absolutely crap out halfway through the deal. Amaro has been making some really dumb decisions this year, and this is no exception.
2. I am literally two cards short of finishing 1993 Stadium Club Series 3. All I need are, ironically, two Braves. Just Tom Glavine and Chipper Jones.
3. Might be posting trade-bait eventually, and throwing more on the wantlist page, including the Stadium Club sets. I'm actually serious about this.
4. I need to do a post on the parallels in 2014 Topps, and how ridiculous they are. Like, everybody is talking about it, so I figure I should.
5. Roy Oswalt has retired. I will remember him for everything he did up until the 2011 season.

Other than that, all it is for me today is snow. I'm gonna have to go out and shovel in a little bit, and I imagine it's gonna snow even more for tomorrow.

At least I have baseball to think about. While I'm braving through this crap, Spring Training is just getting underway.

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  1. I've never had the privilege of experiencing a snow day... heck, I can't even remember the last time it snowed in San Jose (other than on the mountains around us). Hope things mellow out for you and your family in Jersey.