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Nostalgic Box Break: 1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice (Part Three)

It's been a couple days, but I'm finally posting the next nine packs out of this damned box. I've just had a busy week, filled with a midterm and some other random crap, but I'm back now. And now I'll be posting some more packs from this box, because I may have another box of cards on the way. Just saying.

Anyway, on with the break.

 Pack 19- Three sideways shots start the pack, including Rafael Palmeiro, who was still a big deal back then. Also, Walt Weiss, who always had really good cards back then, gets another one.

Two good shots of Dean Palmer and Mike Kelly during BP. Not much going on in this pack.

Pack 20- Silver sig of Mike Bordick. Also, rookie cards for Tony Clark and Paul Wilson, worth a shit-ton more back in 1995.

Three photographical highlights. Ozzie Guillen wearing a cool throwback, Darren Lewis holding onto a base, and Glenallen Hill sporting one of those awesome 90's Cubs variation uniforms.

Our You Crash the Game card for this pack is David Justice, still with the Braves back then. So, did David Justice indeed hit a home run on July 25th, 1995? Nope? Braves still won though, because this was still the '95 Braves we're talking about.

Pack 21- Two really cool full-bleed cards to start off the pack, including a card to pay tribute to Nolan Ryan, and a card to commemorate the fact that Mike Piazza was just starting to be awesome.

One of the odd themes to this pack was green. Both of these cards were taken during, I imagine, some St. Patrick's Day themed Spring Training game. I have no idea. Still, it looks pretty cool.

Two really cool cards, of a solemn looking BJ Surhoff, and Brian Hunter colliding with a wall.

And while we're here, here are two really awesome 90's Yankees stars. One of them is a Yankees legend. The other is a Hall of Famer. Both are totally going in my collection.

Pack 22- Those 'What's the Call' cards that keep showing up are so 90's, and so cool. This one's of Frank Thomas. Also, Chris Goodwin, even though he never made it, has a cool Future Foundation card.

Cliff Floyd was apparently still a star back in 1995. Meanwhile, I have no idea who John Dettmer is, but he has a pretty cool card here.

Meanwhile, here's our Hall-of-Famer, good ol' Tom Glavine, seen here during warmups.

Pack 23- Two cool  shots to start off the pack. Jeff Frye has a double play attempt, while Ron Karkovice attempts to stop a runner at second (I imagine).

Two stars at the time. Lee Smith is a borderline Hall of Famer. He'd be in already if Trevor Hoffman hadn't already broken his record. Meanwhile, David Justice looks silly here.

Two sideways shots of stars. Mark Grace looks like he's bowling here. Wally Joyner is probably striking out.

The two stars of the pack, both of whom I'm throwing in my binder later. Mussina is still the ace in Baltimore, while Delgado is just becoming the big home run hitter. He was still a catcher back then.

Finally, here's one more preview for the update set. Yeah, Fernando Valenzuela was with the Phillies, and evidently he was with the Padres after the photo deadline.

Pack 24- The lone star card up front is Kenny Lofton, famed base-stealer, still rocking it with the Indians.

Three impressive back-of-the-card shots. Greenwell is falling, Boone is sliding, and Brogna is diving. All in all, eventful backs.

The best card in the pack is this one, of Mike Stanley carrying his catching gear with him. Not really meant for star-power,  but mainly awesomeness.

Pack 25- Phil Nevin's rookie card starts off the pack. Man, this rookie class is generally pretty pathetic.

The only two cards worthy of photographing. Phil Leftwich is trying to scare people.

Pack 26- Two awesome, yet odd cards. Joe Carter's card commemorates his slaying of Mitch Williams in the '93 World Series. Juan Gonzalez' just looks ridiculous.

More St. Patrick's day goodness.

Shawon Dunston was still a big deal in 1995 apparently. Alright, I guess so. Also, Bret Barberie has a nice shot with his mask up.

Three really cool sideways shots. And I mean REALLY cool. Derek Bell has a nice slide shot. Kirt Manwaring is attacking a runner with a ball. Pat Borders is working on a rundown. Again, the photography here just blows me away.

Pack 27- Two awesomely awesome cards that mean absolutely nothing. The first commemorates Barry Bonds winning the gold glove. I don't collect him anymore, because steroids. Also, Travis Miller's card is phenomenal- he looks like he's trapped in an ice cube, and he's got snow in his glove. That's some great stuff, especially for an insert.

1. "...and if Danny Tartabull were here, I'm sure he'd say 'That's correct, Jerry...'"
2. My, those 90's Reds hats are awesome.

On the left, Roger Clemens, most famous for appearing in Kingpin, celebrating...something. On the right, Jeff Kent, most famous for cursing out Obama in his final words on Survivor, dashing to the base.

Don't worry folks, we've got one more You Crash the Game insert before we end the post. This one's of Mike Piazza. Did he hit a home run on August 27th, 1995?

No, he didn't.


So whoever got this card in 1995 would be sending this in immediately. That's kinda awesome. 2 homers, 2 doubles. And they won 9-1. So yeah.

Sometime soon, I'll post the last nine.

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