Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Unexpected

Jeez, does everything I try to root for fester and die?

I don't mean this as an insult to the Royals fans. Hardly. If they win, I'm rooting for them anyway, because both AL teams are more fun to root for than either NL team. But...I did not expect them to start out 0-2, especially away from home.

A good friend of mine was at the game today, in Baltimore. Diehard O's fan. He was also there at Game 2 vs. the Tigers. I feel really bad that the homestretch had to be this bad for him, because the O's are capable of doing huge things. It's just a tad infuriating that they're not doing them right now.

Meanwhile, the Royals are on fire, getting by through the little things, like bunts and steals. I love that. If they win this series, it'll be great for the game of baseball. If they win the World Series, or if the O's win, it'll make me so happy, because you never see the underdogs win it anymore.

I'll be back later when either the Giants or Cardinals win. Knowing me, you'll probably understand why I want the Cardinals to fail miserably tonight.

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