Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NL WILD CARD: Clash of the Titans

Tonight's NL Wild Card matchup is between two teams that were huge in 2012 and 2013. The Giants were huge in 2012, so huge, in fact, that they wound up winning the world series. This year, as it's an even numbered year, they were pretty damn good, and so they managed to secure a wild card spot, as the Dodgers wouldn't let them take first.

Meanwhile, the Pirates were absolutely phenomenal in 2013, and were only halted by a very tough playoff matchup with the Dodgers. This year, they spent most of the year at third behind a surging Brewers team, and a soaring-like-usual Cardinals team. Once the Brewers buckled, the Pirates took second and wound up in the Wild Card race (like usual).

Tonight, the Giants are going in as the heavy favorite, because they have the stronger team, and because they have the deeper roster. And yes, they technically do have a lot more in terms of power and pitching than the Pirates, which is sad.

So while it looks like the Giants will win...

I really want the Pirates to win.

Sure, they'll be going against the Nationals if they win, which may be tough, but i think that they're the most fun to watch of the teams. And I really want them to have another nice playoffs like last year.

So, both teams will be great, but go Pirates.

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