Sunday, October 26, 2014


From a statistical standpoint, this is one of the weakest world series match ups in years, and several sportswriters have already cited this fact. Giants suck this, Royals are lightweight that.

However, judging by the last four games, we may have one of our most tightly matched and suspenseful World Series' in a while. We're four games in, and already we have a tied series with four really nicely played games. Tonight's was no exception, as Pablo Sandoval and the Giants all took turns absolutely mashing the ball.

I've already spoken about how I want the Royals to win, but either way, and either outcome, people will still call this one a really exciting series. If the Royals win, it'll be an underdog story for the ages. If the Giants win, it'll be another chapter in the Giants dynasty of the early 2010's.

I'm seeing comparisons to the 2001 series, or the 2004 series. That close, that monumental, and yes, that good. Hopefully it'll only continue to get better.

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