Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Well Done Anyway

As much as I wanted the Royals to win, I'm still kind of happy the Giants won. Either way, both teams played some amazing baseball, and I'm alright that the Giants came out on top. They had some great performances, especially from Bumgarner, Morse and Posey. I think that this postseason will definitely get Bumgarner a few more Cy Young votes than he would have gotten.

I'm happy for Hunter Pence, too. He's one of my favorite ex-Phillies, because he was so much fun when he played for my team. I wish him the best whatever team he plays for. As luck would have it, he's gotten himself two World Series rings over the course of two and a half seasons with the Giants. Clearly he must be doing something right.

To be honest, I'm happy for the Giants, and I'm kind of sad the season's over. No more fresh customs. I will definitely do some for December, and do some sort of Year-by-Year-ish format. I will be posting every day, but in what capacity I have no idea. Besides, I made a crapload of customs for teams that didn't advance in time for me to post them. So I have a bunch of unposted Cardinals and Dodgers customs that I'll need to shell out, as well as ones of all the guys I missed.

So yeah. I'll try to keep posting while I'm here. But still, I'm happy the season ended on such a high note.

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