Thursday, February 8, 2018

Two Rack-Packs of 2018 Topps Series 1

We're still in the midst of the weeklong infatuation with 2018 Topps, before it becomes completely normal and less appetizing. I picked up two rack-packs, a week after i'd grabbed my initial haul. Let's see if these lighten the appeal.

Pack 1-
270- Jackie Bradley Jr. These first few are dupes
303- Luis Severino
142- Adam Jones
345- Jose Reyes
24- Martin Maldonado. Now this one, of the Angels catcher, I needed. Nice shot too.
170- Christian Yelich. Second card in a row with a Brewers connection.
50- Anthony Rizzo, one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball.
350- Clayton Kershaw, the last card of the set, and the single best pitcher of this generation.
175- Jose Quintana. One of the few guys we actually saw in a new uniform in 2017 Update. Still a nice card though.
249- Christian Arroyo, now on the Rays
182- Alex Bregman
78- Carlos Carrasco LEADERS. Glad he's still really good.
262- Hosmer and Sano, a POTENT PAIR. CL.
59- Clayton Kershaw LEADERS
261- Andrew Stevenson
136- Raudy Read, the second of two Nats rookies I've never heard of, though this one just got busted for PEDs.
Salute- Nicky Delmonico. What's the point of doing these of people I've never heard of??
Silver Slugger- Adam Wainwright. Oh yeah, I guess that was the one good part of his season.
Gold Glove, or 'FIELDING AWARD', of Byron Buxton
Legends in the Making insert of Jose Altuve. I still like these.
SEVEN sideways dupes, including Rich Hill, Odubel Herrera and Alex Bregman WS
47- Hunter Pence. Will never not enjoy pulling a Pence card.
17- Robbie Ray, who will hopefully have another nice K-heavy year in Phoenix.
289- Jonathan Villar, a great card of a guy that won't really factor into the Brewers' infield this year.
25- Andrelton Simmons, a member of the sure-to-be-electric 2018 Angels
100- Giancarlo Stanton. I still love this song, even if he's not a Yankee on it.
260- Rick Porcello
342- Sean Manaea. Not a bad team ace, but I think A's fans still miss Sonny Gray a bit.
57- Scott Feldman, the only good Reds pitcher that stayed healthy for a bit last year.
102- Wil Myers.

Pack 2-
123- AJ Ramos, who will be one of the Mets' many options at closer this year.
141- Brandon Drury, who might be owning a starting infield position thanks to the ineffectiveness of Owings, Tomas and Ahmed
180- Ryan Braun. Yeah, he's still there. At least his card looks good.
19- Garrett Richards, who will hopefully stay healthy this year.
77- Martin Prado. Marlins need something better than last year from him, as he's all they have left.
178- Matt Adams. Now with Washington on the bench.
49- Ervin Santana. Out for a few months.
206- Nick Markakis, one of the most underrated hitters in baseball.
107- Jorge Polanco, whose 2017 bat work paled in comparison to his work in Spring Training.
76- Eduardo Nunez, who had a monster second half in Boston.
Seven more dupes, including two Aaron Judges, and rookies of Austin Hays and Rhys Hoskins
MVP insert of Jose Altuve
83T Insert of Rafael Devers, who had a great rookie year in '17.
Legends in the Making of Carlos Correa. Both my Legends in the Making inserts this rip were Astros. Huh.
dummy Topps Now insert, which I promptly tore up.
231- Joe Mauer, in a nice batter's box card
130- Brian Dozier, in another cool fielder's shot
230- Trevor Story, in a very purple card
4 sideways dupes
340- Gary Sanchez. Love pulling cards of him.
5- Chris Tillman. Is his best stuff done?
13- Jay Bruce. Back with the Mets, but nice to see a card of him on the Indians.
216- AJ Pollock. Great BP-Uni card of the guy.
54- Chase Anderson. Watch this guy this year. He's 30, but he's dangerous.
250- Buster Posey, who is STILL the best catcher in baseball.
35- Logan Forsythe, who could use a better 2018
209- Eugenio Suarez, a member of the still-underrated Reds lineup
70- Johnny Cueto, who better have a kickass season or two left in him.

So, I still love the product, and there was still a ton I needed in those packs. Might even try more, but the dupes will probably be worse. Who cares, it's only 2018 Topps.

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