Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Uncustomed Heroes of 2019: Reds (Part Two)

In addition to the Reds from earlier who began the season with the team, you also have to account for call-ups and trades and everything, which made the team even more interesting as we went on.

For instance, Nick Senzel, the big rookie prospect who was blocked at third by Eugenio Suarez, so spent the season in the outfield with Jesse Winker. Senzel did fairly well, hitting .256 in 105 games, with 42 RBIs...despite being one of the 3 Reds to strike out more than 100 times.
Why Him in 2019?: Big rookie prospect debut.
2020 Prediction: Will up his production to about a .280, and will reach 25 homers.

 Casali technically did start the year on the roster, but didn't really make an impact til around May, where he hit .304 with 11 RBI. Casali also was a major asset as a backup, and is arguably a better hitter than Barnhart.
Why Him in 2019?: Started some games in Barnhart's absence, which helps.
2020 Prediction: Will be starting by September.

 The other amusing Reds OF rookie was Josh Van Meter, though he was overshadowed in the long run. Van Meter hit .237 in 95 games, with 23 RBIs. Not bad, but there were other options.
Why Him in 2019?: In 15 July games he hit .417 with 4 homers- not bad for pre-Aquino rookie hitting.
2020 Prediction: Due to Winker, Senzel, Aquino and Phil Ervin, might not get much starting time.
 And speaking of Ervin, after a refreshing rookie campaign in 2018, he came back for the stretch run and hit .271, with 11 doubles and 64 hits in 94 games.
Why Him in 2019?: Hit .432 in July- again, the whole outfield must have been scorching that month
2020 Prediction: Will be given a full season and will become a fan favorite, and hit .300

 The big midseason move the Reds made was giving up Yasiel Puig and Taylor Trammell for Trevor Bauer, who was off to a nice start on the other side of Ohio. It took a little bit for Bauer to get acclimated to Cincinnati though, as he had a 8.40 ERA in August. He did a little better in Sept (4.10), but he'd definitely diluted his 2019 totals by then.
Why Him in 2019?: One of the biggest arms in baseball finished disappointingly, and not making a custom is just humanity erasure.
2020 Prediction: 15 wins, 250 strikeouts, like the 2nd half never happened

 The other pitching piece that came up in the second half was Alex Wood, who'd been injured since Spring Training. Once he did come up, he averaged a 5.80 ERA in 7 starts, despite 30 strikeouts.
Why Him in 2019?: Finally made starts after an injury, which is more than the Reds could have asked for given the circumstances.
2020 Prediction: Someone'll sign him, and he'll be a modest 4th starter somewhere.

And after all of this, the Reds decided to pick up Freddy Galvis from Toronto to help the infield, and that was an insanely smart move. Not only was Galvis still riding high off his Jays numbers (16 RBIs in 32 games), but he was a defensive upgrade from Dietrich and Peraza, and he fit right into the infield.
Why Him in 2019?: Saved the Reds from scrounging an unsavory outfield
2020 Prediction: Will become a Cincinnati mainstay, and will likely see more time at SS.

Coming Tomorrow- Nothing, as I usually take off on Xmas. But on Thursday, expect some remnants of a disappointing Rockies team.

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