Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best Postseason deal...after the postseason.

Ken Griffey Jr. finally made it back to Seattle...and what a trip it has been.

Ken started his career in 1989 with the Mariners. He won not only lots of awards, but he was on a great lineup of Alex Rodriguez, Edgar Martinez (Muy Bien!) and Randy Johnson in the rotation. Then, for some STRANGE reason, he got traded to Cincinatti for Brett Tomko. Okay, why send the FUTURE OF THE GAME to the Reds for a RELEIVER??? Fortunately, he fit in on the reds, making his way to 600 Home Runs last season. Then, in July, ONCE AGAIN, the Reds traded a Future Hall of Famer to the White Sox.

Now he's back, so I don't have to yell at these teams for trading him anymore.

Also, Lost was on again last night. My head will never be the same.

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