Sunday, February 15, 2009

The David Price is Right?

I know how it's going out there. Topps and Upper Deck are throwing all the gimmick cards they can possibly come up with out into the packs. This is getting ridiculous. Last season alone we had cards of three rookies on WBC Teams, a Governator, a man who should have been in the White House for the last eight years, and a record that never happened. And the season before THAT, we had a squirrel, a rookie, and the president and a HOFer sharing a picture with a future HOFer.

Ridiculous, Eh?

Now, I will attempt to grade the new gimmicks from a scale of 1- being the least gimmicky- to 10- being the most impossible.

We'll start with that Obama card. Chris Harris at Stale Gum told people to guess, and he actually got a correct assumption. The card was pretty practical (Unlike Bush sharing a card with Mantle and Jeter), and it sorta made sense, so I'll give it a 4. That's like a Jacoby Ellisbury Topps UH#100.

The Griffey/ Jordan card. Wow, did they really think they could pull this off? I mean, Jordan didn't even play in the stinking Major League, and yet he got an Upper Deck "insert" and another Upper Deck "Insert". Maybe they should put aside the fact that no one collecting baseball even CARES about basketball. I give it a 7

The other David Price. Why? He already has a card in that area, so why do we need another one? And why does it have to be a gimmicked variation? Why done we just stick with the one we have, Upper Bleeccch?!?! This is ridiculous, yet not that ridiculous. So it gets barely a 6

The CC Sabathia Yankee card. This one I can understand, but why didn't you save CC until series 2 Topps??? Y'now, just in case that happens!!! So while all of the other Yankee fans groan, we have to scour every pack to find ONE card of him in a Yankee uni. THANKS TOPPS! 5!

Those Upper Deck Predictor cards. Without explanation, I'm giving this Lame-o idea a 10!

Any I forgot?

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