Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In Case you haven't heard...

Some sweating, tired, clumsy veteran just signed a minor league deal with the Rangers. I don't know if you've heard of him--He used to be a star in Atlanta. His name is Andruw Jones.

People who are not farmiliar with Mr. Jones' work, it's simply this- Started in 1996 with the Braves, had a pretty decent career until he had a crummy 2007, and after he crappily signed with the Dodgers last season, had an even crummier 2008. Then LA released him, and then Texas got a hold of him. I was starting to think that I was looking at Mario Mendoza.

Anyway, Mr. Jones (Who has nothing to do with Counting Crows) signed a Minor League contract with the Texas money trap- I MEAN RANGERS!!! I am now starting to think that the Rangers are desperate. But they aren't, you see, and therin lies the problem. They have Hank Blalock, Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, Jason Jennings, Everyday Eddie, and a few injured pitchers. Do they really NEED this guy? Andruw may or may not help them, but if they let him into the Majors, Mr. Jones may mess them up.

I can see the Braves regretting their descision to not resign this man, because now he'll be destroying many other teams.

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