Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Roid

Okay, you've seen me rip apart Andruw Jones, now I'm gonna rip apart my favorite player. And Rodriguez be thy name

Alex Rodriguez started a nice career with the Mariners in 1995. For about 5 years he blew Seattle away with his homers and style of play. Then he signed with the Rangers in 2000. Then in 2004, New York got a hold of him. Somewhere between 2000 and 2004, something happened. Something completely unexpected

He took bleeping steroids.


Why would he do this? Hew as already a great player! When did he think "Hmm, I'm going to destroy my career without anyone noticing. But HOOOOOWWWWW???" It was completely idiotic of him, or anyone in that matter, to do that. Think of his fans. NOW THEY THINK THIS GUY IS A FRAUD! Joe Torre was right- A-FRAUD!

I think you know how I feel. I am completely devastated by this news. He was Baseball's future. Then he tore it apart.

There are 2 Good Sides to this
1- Definite Hall of Famer

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