Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More signings

Apparently Jeff Weaver has signed a 1 year deal with the Dodgers. This is a deal that could get his career back in the saddle, although it never really was. He had a pretty good career, but he's not a really big star, like Andy Pettite or John Smoltz. He's just Jeff Weaver, and he's in the same line as Kenny Rogers - the aging star who isn't getting noticed.

Also, Randy Wolf signed a deal with the Dodgers as well. It seems that after Greg Maddux, Brad Penny and Derek Lowe left, they need a serious pitching addition. Weaver and Wolf will help if they are used the right way. Randy Wolf was a superstar with the Phillies- until he had Tommy John surgery, missed 2006 and was dealt to the Dodgers and then the Astros.
He's a great pitcher, not an endless nomad like Jeff Weaver.

Speaking fo Philadelphia, Tom Gordon, who played with BOTH my favorite teams has signed with one of my least favorites- the Diamondbacks. Why? Let me put it this way-
"2001- A World Series Oddessy"
Yanks- "Open the pod bay doors, Randy"
Yanks- "But we were on a streak!"
You get it?
The Backs have housed a few good pitchers like RJ, Brandon Webb, Curt Schilling and Dan "The Man" Haren, not to mention some good bats like Adam Dunn, Justin Upton, Eric Byrnes and Luis Gonzalez. Adding Tom Gordon will help sooth the team from the loss of their pitching ace.

Also, there was a teensy weensy issue involving PED's and one of the greatest players in the game right now. I don't know if you heard. I'll post that one tomorrow.

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