Friday, August 12, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Zambrano Edition

Last year, I felt like I was hearing too much about Carlos Zambrano. How he was pitching poorly, racking up suspensions, and getting hurt often. He's the Cubs' star pitcher- can't he at least try winning like the rest of his team does? Of course now that he's having a comeback season, completely redeeming all the respect he'slost during the 2010 season, I feel as though I'm hearing too little of him. And that is wrong. Isn't it the point of a sportswriter to spotlight a player who's had a rocky career, and is now pitching beautifully? Then why has nobody even spoken about Carlos Zambrano, and how he's returned to form.

(I imagine most comments left on this post will involve sportswriters hating the Cubs, so to all Cubs fans reading this post, I apologize in advance.)

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of fan hatred, I'm out of customs! Gotta make some tonight, and by the pound, too- I'm going on another vacation soon!

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  1. I am a Cubs fan. Bad news always gets more press but maybe the lack of news about Carlos has something to do with the irrelevance of the Cubs as a team this year. If they were in first place you'd probably hear more. At least hey're winning more lately.