Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Bourn Edition

I already made a card of this guy back in April, citing that he got good just when he left the Phillies. Well, now he's getting good the year he leaves the Astros. Which is nice. And I'm happy for all the Braves fans now that they have Bourn. I know the reactions are mixed, but seriously- you only had to give up Jordan Schafer and a few prospects to get him, and that's not that bad. Hell, if I were a good trader, I'd through Nate McLouth in there, but he's been injured ever since he left Pittsburgh. Still...if my team got Michael Bourn for a few players we didn't need, I'd be pretty happy too.

Coming Tomorrow- A lot of rookie Royals have been getting their due this year, but there's one veteran that's been mashing the ball this year.

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