Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The age old game of Musical Quarterbacks

Okay, so most bloggers are talking about this, so I kinda feel the need to throw in my two cents.

You see, back, uh, 30 days ago, Peyton Manning was a wandering free agent, Tim Tebow was safe in Denver and the Packers had a decent backup. Of course, this all changed.

Matt Flynn is sitting in Seattle, under the rain. Manning is happily in Denver, while Tebow might be going to New York...if the money holds over. Which begs the question- are there any safe quarterbacks??

Of course the answer is yes, but I just wanna look into this a little. Here are some headlines I hope I don't see in the next few months.

  • Tebow staying in Meadowlands: Sanchez looking for a job.

  • Sanchez signs with Dallas, who are more than happy to give up Tony Romo.

  • Romo is traded to Washington for a draft pick. Rex Grossman is dejected.

  • Grossman finds Solace in Jacksonville. No problems there.

  • The Jaguars are traded to Los Angeles for a governor and a few movie stars.

  • Gabbert out of job; joins cross country trek with Jimmy Clausen and Cade McKnown

  • Unsatisfied, Jags trade Grossman to Dolphins. He's apparently accepted there.

  • A dejected (insert name of Dolphins QB) is signed by the Chiefs. This pisses off Matt Cassel.

  • Cassel is traded back to New England. Realizing what they have just done, the Pats trade Cassel to the Raiders.

  • Carson Palmer is traded to the Colts. Apparently this will help things.

  • But NO! Brett Favre wants to play football again! He signs with the Lions.

  • Matt Stafford, in retaliation, signs with the Vikings.

  • Christian Ponder abruptly joins Gabbert's cross country trek

  • Wait- now Donovan McNabb wants to play football again!

  • He signs with the Cardinals, who promptly give Kevin Kolb the boot.

  • Kolb signs with the Seahawks. However, somehow Kevin Kolb is not good enough for the Sehawks.

  • Kolb signs with the 49ers, just in time to tell Alex Smith that Peyton already signed with someone. Alex Smith still doesn't get the message, and signs with the Broncos.

  • Alex Smith is obviously out of a job. Unfortunately, I've stretched this gag out as far as it can go, and I'm getting tired.

Ahhh...those nights where you can't think of a post...solved by insanity.

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