Sunday, January 6, 2013

As the NFL Playoffs roll on

This is a baseball card blog, and it has been a baseball card blog for close to four years now. So why am I about to give my predictions on football? Because...this is my blog. And I feel like talking about a subject I'm somewhat acquainted with, in a medium that may not understand.

I'll go through all four of next week's highly anticipated playoff games. For each, I'll give my thoughts on who will win the game, and on who should win the game. Because, ladies and gentlemen, there is a difference between what ability can allow, and what storytelling can make desirable.

Game One: Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers. The Cold vs. The Wharf
Who Will Win: Packers. They're the better team, have a better quarterback, with better offensive players and a rapidly increasing defense. Plus, the team is stronger that the Niners, even if they have the advantage.
Who Should Win: Packers. The last time these two teams met, the Niners won. If I was writing this, I'd want some aspect of redemption, as the Packers would need to defeat the 49ers to really redeem themselves, and to advance. Also, the Packers have a better story, and were solid this week against Minnesota. If anyone should win, it should be them.

Game Two: Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons. Battle of the Birds
Who Will Win: Falcons. Easily the better team, have more experience than the Hawks, and have a better overall team. Also, unlike the Seahawks, who just had a streak at the end, the Falcons were consistently good the whole season, and got to the top very easily.
Who Should Win: Seahawks. Even though the Falcons are the better team, like I said before, they got here easily. The Seahawks are the favorite because they worked for it, and had to become a great team, rather than just being one like the Falcons. Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll were the two amazing stories out of Seattle, and for those two alone they deserve to advance.

Game Three: Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos. The Harbor vs. The Mountains
Who Will Win: Broncos. Manning has been so good this season that it's impossible to lose.The team got so much stronger after Tebow that it's become ridiculous. The Broncos have no chance of losing.
Who Should Win: Broncos. Only because it would complete Manning's storyline, and get him one step closer to A- Matching his brother in terms of rings, and B- Redeeming himself from the injury-plagued 2011. It's the outcome that holds the most plausibility, and makes the most sense.

Game Four: Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots. Yee Haw vs. Haavard Yaad.
Who Will Win: Patriots. Because they win everything.
Who Should Win: Texans. Because I don't think ANYBODY wants the Patriots to win. Everything this season has been building to a Texans success, and that would imply them defeating the Patriots. Besides, that's a team trying desperately hard to reviatlize itself when really still being a mostly aged squad. The Texans is mostly young, with a lot of strong compartments and a loyal following. They're the team that deserves it most.

So there. I predict next week's games to be Packers- Falcons and Broncos-Texans. I won't predict the Super Bowl. That comes later.

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