Sunday, January 6, 2013

Berkman returns home, sort of

There were rumors, about a month ago, that the Astros were trying to get Lance Berkman back to Texas. They wanted him to be their DH, and to hit homers for them like it was the mid-2000's. After all, Berkman would get the older fans to go back to their games.

This plan didn't misfire in vain- Berkman is still coming back to Texas. Just not to Houston.

The Rangers, a struggling team who lost their major star, signed Berkman last night. Say. Haven't we heard this story before? Lance Berkman being signed by a team who just lost its biggest star, hoping to return to the postseason?

Okay, that's sorta what happened to Beltran, and the season Pujols left, Berkman was hurt, but you get the idea. Berkman has been in this situation before. He can hit his way out of it and surprise everyone. The only problem is now the stakes are higher. The Rangers' only postseason glory has been these last few years, and they all wanna get back. Berkman is going to need a season like the one he had in 2011 in order to help pull this off.

It has been done before, but can it be repeated? Only Berkman can help find this out.

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