Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh, credibility wasted



Why does he keep lying like this? In 2009, Alex Rodriguez said 'Okay, I did steroids, but it only did it once, and I'll never do it again'. Of course, now we know that was bullcrap.

Apparently, A-Rod kept taking steroids, only this time from a different place, some BALCO-esque place in Miami. And that adds to the already-sliding A-Rod slope.

I mean, first he loses his ability to hit. Then he gets hurt last season and never gets back. Then he gets replaced by Kevin Youkilis and is likely out for the season. NOW...THIS! Alex Rodriguez is becoming the most scorned, despised player in baseball, whereas 10 years ago he was one of the most beloved. I mean, from people calling him the best player in baseball to people saying he sucks at life. What a downhill ride.

This hurts the Yankee fans even more, because they've lost their hero, their icon, and the only guy worth a damn, except for the other people on the team worth a damn (which is like 6 or 7 people). It especially hurts his chances at the Hall of Fame, which were definite 5 years ago, and are now very unlikely.

I don't even know what to say. I honestly just don't care anymore. That's how this whole thing has made me feel. A ray of indifference. I don't care if they get rid of him, I don't care if he never gets elected to the hall of fame, I don't care what happens to A-Rod.

It's sad. It really is.


  1. My question is, why would Yankee fans look to A-Rod as their hero, their icon, their only guy worth a damn when you have a perfectly good Derek Jeter on the club? There was a reason the cop in 'The Other Guys' yells "Why couldn't you shoot A-Rod" at Mark Wahlberg; and I'm saying this as a Yankee hater. I have so much respect for Jeter. Never had much for A-Rod. Jeter plays the game the right way. Be thankful you still have him to fall back on man.

    1. Alright, maybe I should reiterate. From 2006 to about 2009, A-Rod was my favorite player. That was the period in which he was really good, hitting homers, winning MVPs, not cheating on his wife, being an all around good baseball player. If he was on your team in that era, you would want to root for him too. Then, right after he was outed for steroid use, I went back to having Jeter as my favorite player, and it's been like that every since. Jeter never took steroids, and he's a classy player, a great role model, and not the one-upping media whore that A-Rod has become.
      I see what you're saying there, but back in the mid 2000's, Jeter took a seat and everybody thought A-Rod was awesome, which he was. Then, he began to turn into a jerk, and everybody started wearing their Jeter and Rivera jerseys again.
      P.S.- 'I'm a peacock, man. Ya gotta let me fly!'

    2. Yeah, I hear ya man. To be honest, I don't think I would have been a huge A-Rod fan if he had been on the O's. When the Orioles signed Tejada (the first time around), I still didn't care for him all that much. Thankfully, I never bought into him as an Oriole and now, as it turns out, I was right in that, since he threw Raffy under the bus (so to speak), became a pain in the butt in the clubhouse and got busted for perjury... I guess my view is skewed since I'm a Cal fan and never really cared for A-Rod because he threatened Cal's standing as the greatest offensive shortstop. I was, however, a fan of Nomar. I respect Jeter as a player, but I would never say I was a fan of him. Never.