Thursday, January 24, 2013

Double Upton

This has been a great week for brothers in sports. First, both Harbaughs land a spot in the Super Bowl, and now both Uptons end up on the Braves, or as a certain miniature-horse-loving-bloggers calls them, the Barves.

Let's examine this, for a moment. The Braves outfield next year will be feature Justin Upton, BJ Upton, and Jason Heyward. That means that 2/3rds of the Braves outfield will be made up of Upton siblings.

Maybe that's a little lopsided, too. Both brothers are great players by themselves, but imagine both on the same team. That'd be an experience. Not since the Hairstons have we seen siblings playing together, and the Hairstons were/are mediocre at best.

Also, this isn't a great sign when putting them in the same sentence as the Phillies. The Braves and the Nationals alone have put them into first place already, and their lack of real reasoning in the lineup might bring them below the Mets, which is a scary prospect indeed. But it'll be interesting to see how the NL East race turns out next year, as either the Braves, or the Nationals, or for some strange reason one of the other teams, could take it.

But still, with the Uptons, those Braves are gonna be strong. Heck, I imagine Fredi Gonzalez is combing the nation for younger Upton sibling, maybe to play 2nd base now that Martin's gone.

Maybe, for 2014, the Braves will be made up entirely of Upton siblings. Which would actually be kinda cool.

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