Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Contest Winnings from Thorzul

Before I go headfirst into Series One, like everyone else in the blogosphere, I want to flash back one more time to Update Series, via a package from Thorzul, who needs no introduction.

For those unaware, Thorzul had his annual Trade Me Anything contest, and coupled the outgoing cards with DVDs, challenging others to guess the references. I ended up winning the remaining inserts of the box. Let's see what was in here.

Topps Pennant: Royals Insert. These were silly, and I hope Topps doesn't bring them back for 2013.

Gold #'d to 2012s:
Rhiner Cruz, Astros. One rookie that I've been told to keep an eye on, though he'll be in last place this year.
Scott Baker, Twins. Forgot he was still on the Twins. Is probably on some other team now.
Aroldis Chapman, Reds. Now that is awesome. A gold numbered card of Chapman goes right with my gold of Andy Pettite's last season before his first retirement, and my gold of Evan Longoria's rookie, which you can't have.
Kyle Blanks, Padres. Apparently a fun player.
Jose Altuve, Astros. Another fun player with great potential. Sadly on the Astros
Travis Wood, Reds. Almost pitched a no-hitter against my Phillies. Still a bit pissed about that.
Trevor Cahill, A's. Now on the D-Backs I think.

Gold Shiny Things:
Jay Bruce, Reds. Very nice, as Bruce is still a pretty big deal.
Hector Santiago, White Sox. Rookie, so I guess he's good.

Golden Moments:
Johnny Bench
George Brett
Josh Hamilton
Matt Cain. I think Cain is the only one I don't have.

Golden Greats:
Mike Schmidt. Always nice to pull a Phillie
Wade Boggs, unfortunately in a Sox uni
Willie Stargell. There are not enough Stargell cards in the world.

A few used Golden Giveaway cards. Thankfully. I didn't want to get let down five times and not get any actual cards.

And the Giants Topps Pennant insert

Overall, some pretty nice cards. Thanks again, Thorzul! Of course, now I can concentrate on Series 1.

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