Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nobody? Really?

I get out of school at 2:30 each day, so usually the first thing I do is check my handy-dandy smartphone for the news of the day. Today was extra special, being that the HOF nominations came out today. So, 2:30, I whip out my phone, turn to ESPN, and find...

...That nobody got into the Hall of Fame.

This puts a damper on the next 365 days of my life, needless to say. The Hall nominations are very important to me, as I like it when players are voted into the Hall. It's an honor, and it's always fun to see who gets in every year. If nobody gets in, which hasn't happen since I was a toddler, then it's really sad, as it's a waste of a perfectly good ballot.

Craig Biggio and Jack Morris should have gotten in.If not one, then the other. It should have been a seamless year for the hall, but it ended up faltering. Maybe thanks to a former colleague of my father, whose name will not be revealed, who thought it'd be a wise idea to vote for nobody this year. I respect the man, but not his decision. At least vote for Biggio, or something.

But yeah. Not happy about today's decision. Will have to wait another year to see someone inducted into the Hall of Fame...and one of them will be Greg Maddux.

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