Friday, February 1, 2013

FINALLY! A Blasterful of 2013 Topps Series 1

(To be read with Jon Facenda impression):
It comes in the cold of winter, in the snow, when all hope for tomorrow is mired. It comes in early February, when the leaves of September have faded away. It is every man's dream, every man's hopes, and the most glorious event of the year. It is...the release of 2013 Topps Series One.

Yeah I know there's a Super Bowl this weekend, but that can wait. My dad happened to grab a nice blaster full of the hottest item on the block, Series One. and I am pumped!

Let's check out the guaranteed patch card first:
Trevor Bauer, of the D-Backs. That's pretty nice. Since the card, he's been sent to Cleveland, where people hope him to turn the team around. I hope he does.

Pack One:
And the first card of 2013 is....
108- Kendrys Morales. Okay then. A card of a player no longer on his team. Alright then. Not bad, but not as good as last year's.
44- Anthony Rizzo. Pretty nice considering the season he had.
169- Brad Ziegler. I really, really love this design. I do. It's so freaking awesome. Photography is better too.
Chasing The Dream insert of Addison Reed. I kinda like these. They're cool.
245- Jason Isringhausen Red. He's still playing?
41- Daniel Hudson red. I like these red inserts, especially if they fit the team.
178- Justin Maxwell. I love that the 'Stros will be Orange instead of red. Much cooler color for them.
242- Matt Kemp. And, we get our first OMG star of the box. Which is nice.

Pack 2-
275- Johnny Cueto, coming off an awesome 2012
42- Tigers ALDS Game 5. I am calling this an Prince Fielder card, since he's featured prominently.
Annnd...A CUT TO THE CHASE INSERT OF JOSH HAMILTON! Those are rare, and that's awesome. I like this card design, too. Pretty sweet.
A 1972 mini of Tony Gwynn. I love these. Any unwanted minis from this year or last year Topps, shoot me an email
276- Luis Ayala Red
228- Aw, this one's awesome. Adrian Gonzalez RED! Doesn't match, but it's still A-GON as a Dodger! Night Owl got a ton of Yankees, so I probably got his box.
21- Lucas Duda, aka Kruk 2.0

Pack 3-
135- Eric Hosmer. I really hope he turns out to be good.
17- Shin Soo-Choo. I forget where he is now, but out of Cleveland
197- Tyler Cloyd. Phillies rookie. Must be OK
248- Colby Lewis EMERALD SHINY
19- Joey Votto RED. This fits him, making the card cooler
14- Paul Konerko, a Chicago legend
98- Gaby Sanchez
174- Jason Grilli

Pack 4-
255- Josh Johnson. What a decline, from playing in sunny Miami to playing in...Canada. I kid
329- Rafael Soriano, now the closer for some team I'm forgetting that is probably Washington
149- Yovanni Gallardo. He needs to do something big this season
A Don Mattingly Chasing History insert. Nice
241- Jacoby Ellisbury RED. Funny, I was just talking about him...
110- Justin Upton RED. Now on the Braves
321- Allen Craig
132- Ryan Vogelsong

Pack 5-
38- Brian WIIIIIILLLSOOOOOOOON. Now looking for a job
133- James Shields. Now the lone Royals pitcher
282- Russell Martin. Now joining his pal AJ in Pittsburgh
79- Adam Eaton RC
Million Dollar Chase. Judging by this, it won't be unlocking cards. Sighhhh
204- Alex Gordon RED
234- AJ Burnett RED.
77- Dustin Mosely

Pack 6-
120- Ian Desmond. I have his autograph.
88- Jamey Carroll
Clayton Kershaw 72 mini. More proof that I got Night Owl's box
315- Rafael Furcal RED
13- Brett Lawrie RED. Hopefully he'll have a nice career
74- Kenley Jansen
243- Aaron Crow

Pack 7-
210- Vernon Wells. Meh
240- JJ Putz, rocking an awesome D-Backs throwback
10- Adam Jones. I love this card
Chasing the dream of YU DARVISH! Yu gotta be kidding me! (avoids boos)
Calling Card of RA DIckey, also deported to Canada
176- Robert Andino RED
101- Bryan Shaw RED
327- Jhonny Peralta

Pack 8-
8- Ryan Braun, still pretty nice.
40- Chien Ming Wang, one of my favorite players, simply because of his heritage having to do with my dentist's.
Chasing History of Ian Kinsler, the sole star left in Texas
46- Craig Kimbrel RED
301- Jarrod Saltolomacchia RED
285- Addison Reed
66- Daniel Nava

Pack 9-
37- Max Scherzer
225- Will Venable a dead ringer for Bruno Mars
330- Ryan Raburn, The Best Card of The Year
192- Javier Lopez EMERALD SHINY
206- Jimmy Rollins RED. This is pretty nice
54- Jaime Garcia RED
307- Norichika Aoki
324- Cameron Maybin, rocking an awesome throwback

Pack 10-
15- Dustin Pedroia. How's that for a pairing?
266- PUJOLS checklist
Andrew McCutchen 72 Mini. NICE
236- Joe Nathan RED
208- Desmond Jennnings RED
295- Brandon League
259- Bartolo Colon, and his Cuban Mystery Cream

So, that's Topps Series 1. I love it, and the next time I get a chance to refuel, I will refuel.


  1. I'll trade my Ivan Nova blue for that A-Gon red.

    1. Is this assuming you've already acquired the Kemp base and Kershaw mini? Cause if not, I'll throw those in.

    2. Yeah, I already have them en route. In fact, I've got the A-Gon red on the way, too. I didn't realize that when I left the comment.