Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Weaver Edition

And it looks like the Angels are definitely heading to the postseason.

It's kind of weird, because they began the season, like usual, as a punchline. Hamilton wasn't hitting, the pitchers were slumping, and the only person actually doing any damage was Mike Trout. But as the season went on, and as the Athletics slipped more and more, the Angels got better and better, stronger and stronger. The pitching staff improved, they got Huston Street and Gordon Beckham, and by September, they had a playoff team on their hands.

So, really, way to go Mike Scioscia for getting his crap together over the course of a single MLB season. And kudos to Ron Washington for letting his team implode like that.

Jered Weaver, after a mostly disappointing 2013, finally has another good season, piling up wins and dozing down batters. Him, Matt Shoemaker, Garrett Richards and CJ Wilson are all doing pretty well this year, and are one of the reasons the youth-led roster is doing so well.

I have no idea how the postseason will go for them, but I imagine they'll go very far.

Coming Tomorrow- A Dodger.

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