Tuesday, May 30, 2017

As if the Indians' Rotation was Incomplete...

It's funny that we're looking at the Indians' rotation, which last year had SIX DIFFERENT AMAZING PITCHERS throwing down across the postseason, and going '...yes, but how could that be better?'

Carlos Carrasco's the only guy from last season who's currently making any progress. Josh Tomlin and Trevor Bauer are struggling, Danny Salazar's been moved to the bullpen, and Corey Kluber's injured. So the tribe had to think of some ways of perfecting what was...basically perfect last year.

I imagine one of the questions posed was 'what don't we have yet? We have 'bearded fireballer', 'Dominican fireballer', 'fireballer the Phillies foolishly gave up', and 'former prospect fireballer'. And Josh Tomlin. What else could we possibly add to that fold?'

And somebody at the back of the room must have yelled 'WE NEED A FIREBALLER WITH LONG HAIR!' And thus, Mike Clevinger was thrust into the rotation!

I'm pretty impressed with how well he's doing so far. He's only a few starts in and he's been in complete control, with a low ERA and a high strikeout level. With a ton of people in this rotation NOT doing that, it's a breath of fresh air. Having him, Kluber and Carrasco, all pretty on, at the same time, is gonna be a nice experiment.

The Indians are still a great team, but they're lacking the indestructibility they had last fall. This pitching staff isn't as good as last year, and may actually hinder them from doing truly great things this year.

Coming Tomorrow- FINALLY having another good season, even if his team is beginning to lose its momentum.

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