Sunday, May 28, 2017

Special Brew

The Brewers are becoming, just in time for Memorial Day weekend, the Band of Brothers of the MLB. A bunch of people no one's ever heard of, no one ever thought of, all pooling their resources together to fight the good fight.

The best part of this Brewers team right now is that it's not just Eric Thames anymore. Travis Shaw, Chase Anderson, Hernan Perez, Jesus Aguilar, and a SURPRISE RETURN from Eric Sogard. And the best part is that these are all people that most MLB households have never heard of, with the exception of Ryan Braun who, shocker, isn't even part of the team right now! He's injured! He's letting all the no-names get far this year without him.

Hernan Perez, Jesus Aguilar and Eric Sogard are performing well off the bench, while Travis Shaw has climbed to the forefront with the skills he'd only brushed the surface of in Boston. At the same time, you have Junior Guerra coming back off the DL and throwing fire, and Matt Garza having a pretty nice comeback season himself. Things are coming together at once for the Brewers...which is insane, considering how terrible they were last year.

The problem is that the Cubs, the...OTHER really good team in the NL Central, is back at first place, and they seem to have the momentum back. So...any chance of somebody else being 1st in the NL Central has grown very slim. The Brewers are instead going to prove they have staying power by SECOND. And fending off the Cardinals, which is arguably tougher than fending off the Cubs, because unlike the Cubs, the Cardinals aren't actually good...but SEEM TO THINK that they are.

I'm still happy the Brewers have gotten this far, man.

Coming Tonight: Spontaneously awesome infielder for a middling AL West team.

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