Thursday, October 24, 2019

World Series Game 2: Who Predicted This?

The Washington Nationals have won eight games in a row. Which would honestly be pretty cool during the regular season. 8-game streak when you counted them out, yeah, that's rad. But the fact that this streak is happening NOW, in the postseason, against three of the toughest teams of 2019, the Dodgers, Cardinals and NOW pretty insane.

I got tired of the Nats doing their 'we have the best record in baseball since May 24th' schtick, because it was really annoying, and they did it every friggin game. But honestly, their comeback and rise is good for baseball. I always love teams who've never won getting a chance to, and...going up 2-0 against the toughest team in baseball is a sure sign as any that the Nats are in this.

Seeing Asdrubal Cabrera, Kurt Suzuki, Howie Kendrick, Ryan Zimmerman and Michael Taylor all beating up the Astros' rotation may have been the turning point for many sports bettors around the country. The Astros, regardless of solid nights from Alex Bregman and Justin Verlander, are no longer the surefire, runaway winners. And they're gonna have to work a lot harder to even the series in Washington, as the Nats start Patrick Corbin against their sole rotation weak spot thus far, Zack Greinke.

This has become a very surprising and entertaining Series. I hope it continues to follow this trend tomorrow night.

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