Thursday, September 17, 2009

Custom Cards- Why I've stopped them

First of all, I haven't found any time to get any done. Between all the things I do after school and all the things I do at night, I barely have any time to get things done. Also, my scanner has gone loopy and in order to make sure I have a good card, I have to put a card under it. But what if the card is crooked. And what if it centers in too much.

That is my dilemma. Until brighter photoshopping times, my Custom Cards will be discontinued. All the time I had in the summer has gone. But please, because of this decision, don't unsubscribe and stop reading my blog. I'l still be quite funny, and I'll be yakking about sports until I croak. So even though I'm done with the customs, there is still hope for this blog. Plus, I'm not necessarily done with the customs quite yet.

In the meantime, Mario at Wax Heaven has a contest going on where you could win a Derek Jeter and a Joe Torre printing plate. All you need is

A- Creativity
B- A knack at handling poetry
C- A knowledge of recent events in the hobby.

I'll be entering, but that's how I roll. Any words that have "Derek Jeter" and "relic" in the same sentence is a good sentence to me. Enter the contest here

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  1. Thanks for the link and good luck in the contest.

    Looking forward to brighter Photoshopping times!