Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wait a sec- whaaaat?

Remember a while back when Upper Deck lost the license?

Remember when I said that the Topps design for 2010 was going to be epic.


Here it is, straight from the only card news blog worth looking at-

(And yes, I do need to stop linking Wax Heaven.)

My take- Wow. This looks like it's really going to suck. Then again, if it takes something that big to get Hand Collated out of hibernation, then make mine Topps!

Seriously, that design sucks. I'm not lying to you. It's like somebody took the 1991 Topps design, added a dash of this years design and made the designer Perez Hilton. Couldn't they at least put effort into it?

(Yes, I do realize I have been ranting lately. And yet people are still subscribing to me. Huh.)

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