Monday, November 7, 2011

Melk- it does nobody good, or Save HIM San Francisco?

(7/11/12 DISCLAIMER: The following post is filled with quite possibly the biggest amount of dramatic irony on the face of the Earth. Reading this about a year later, this writer has discovered exactly how wrong he was about a seemingly good-natured trade. Said trade's outcome ended up the exact opposite of how this writer expected, and the smack talk below regarding a certain Melky Cabrera has been deemed "so ironic that it's funny. The writer realizes how terrible a prediction he has made, considering Mr. Cabrera has excelled, and Mr. Sanchez has basically dropped off the face of Kansas City.  Therefore, as you read this post, just know how wrong it is currently. To help with the irony, all of the ironic, or just plain wrong parts have been bolded. There is a lot.)

(Before I rant endlessly about Melky Cabrera, I should point out that I am not a fan of the Giants or Royals. I just know a dumb baseball move when I see one.)

Back in 2008, before anyone had ever heard of Brett Gardner, the Yankee outfield consisted of Bobby Abreu, Johnny Damon, and a young, aspiring centerfielder with a funny name. Melky Cabrera may not have sounded like the ideal outfielder, but back in 2008, he did the trick. Of course, toward the end of the season, Melky was powering down, and we figured that he was going the way of most outfielders- getting fatter, slower and more tired. So we traded him to Atlanta for a few pitching prospects (unfortunately, NOT THE RIGHT ONES!)

I bring this up because today, a sad, slow, underperforming centerfielder was traded to San Francisco. His name was Melky Cabrera. This is already angering enough, how a strong, rebuilding team has to rely on a youthful but unreliable bat to help the already fine outfield. The more angering detail is who they traded him for.

Jonathan Sanchez, the strong 4th/5th starter, and the man who threw a no-hitter for San Francisco, is now a Kansas City Royal. Why? Because the Giants apparently want to take a gamble on an outfielder whose last good numbers where while as a member of the 2008 Yankees, which are a punchline on their own. (His best numbers were actually with the 2011 Royals, where he actually had a good season.) And I can't believe this.

First of all, it's almost definite that the Royals got the better half of the trade. Jonathan Sanchez may not be as reliable as the four other men in the rotation (dingdingdingdingding), but he's still a solid pitcher, with decent credentials and good pitches. Melky Cabrera was terrible for Atlanta, and was terrible for Kansas City. Therefore the Giants can only benefit from Melky if he is traded to another team for a better player, which would be the MLB version of a common rabbit trap.

I know you may think I am ganging up on Cabrera for no reason (this is true.), but would a Braves blogger say anything different? (actually, no. Dayf would have similar comments, I hope.) Would a Royals blogger say anything different? (apparently yes) Would a (nonexistent) Giants blogger say anything different, other than the fact that they are horrified that this will occur? Nope. They would say most of the same things this proud Yankee blogger is saying. Because they're close to the truth- Melky Cabrera is not the right fit for a San Francisco team hoping to rejoin the playoff race. With mistakes like this, and gambles on apparent traps like Orlando Cabrera, Carlos Beltran and Miguel Tejada, the Giants front office is going under a lot of fire lately.

My final musing is this: Who would you rather have in your arsenal? A fourth or fifth starter with a couple All Star appearances, a no hitter, and a decent amount of playing time left? Or an oft traded, slobby outfielder whose best days are behind him, even in his early thirties. The answer is obvious- the Royals are very (un)lucky right now.

As for the Giants... here's hoping they can trade Melky for someone better. Only time will tell.

(And it bleeping told.)


  1. When I saw this trade, I was like, really?! I'd take Sanchez for a crappy fourth outfielder. I know Melk had a nice year last year, but he's a reserve. He is.

    I always liked him in NY - he brought a nice bit of enthusiasm to the team. He just wasn't a very good player. I was at the game when he robbed the Manny HR, which was awesome.

    Anyways, interesting deal and I'll be curious to see who comes out on top.

  2. First, let me say I agree with you about the trade, I thought the Giants made a bad move and could've gotten something much better for Sanchez. However, Cabrera had his best season last year with the Royals. Being an Indians fan I saw him a lot last year, and looking up his numbers on BB Ref, he had career highs in hits (hard to believe but over 200), BA, RBI, slugging, and OPS. Also, he came up with the Yankees at a young age, and he's only now 27, so I guess the Giants are crossing their fingers that last year wasn't a one year peak and hoping they can get a few good years before the inevitable decline.