Friday, February 22, 2013

I'd say you've waited long enough

I'll say that this is the first 'first custom of the year' not to be a pitcher, but either way, it's Michael Bourn. It's one of the bigger deals of the offseason, and one of the few that actually played today.

So there. Customs are back. Parade about it in the streets. Dance around the house. They won't be going away for another 10 months.

Coming Tomorrow- I have no idea. That's the thrill of spring training.


  1. So glad you're back at it! Missed your customs. As always - any and all Dodgers are welcome. An idea: a prospect card of Yasiel Puig, the Dodgers Cuban prospect?!

  2. Puig is definitely an option. I will probably get to Greinke, Kemp and A-Gon before him, but he's definitely a good idea.

  3. Yep, love checking out the customs (especially Reds, Tigers and Cubs - but all are great). Good to have you back at it.