Saturday, June 8, 2013

Archives Mania! Part 1- Football

I haven't gotten cards since the heyday of Gypsy Queen and Heritage. It has been a long few weeks without cards, so I needed some. Which is why I felt it necessary to head on over to Target and pick up two blasters. I already knew I'd be getting some Archives baseball, because that is indeed how I roll, but I saw that Archives football was FINALLY out, so I got a blaster of that.

I will open the football blaster first:

Pack 1-
and the first card is...
144- Steven Jackson, 1986. Alright, that's a good way to start, I guess
185- Phil Simms, 60's design. I like how they're incorporating legends in here with the current players. Simms is pretty nice.
43- Chris Long
69- Troy Polamalu, who fans of the 31 other teams love to hate
111- Ben Tate.
163- Greg Little. Those Browns are a good team that just gets unlucky
1- Andrew Luck. And that's the card I needed to get.
77- Torrey Smith, a member of the great Ravens team.

Pack 2-
129- Davone Bess
164- Ahmad Bradshaw. Kinda weird that these still have only 2011 stats.
46- Coby Fleener rookie.
91- Brandon Pettigrew.
217- Cool, a Louis Lipps short print! That's actually pretty awesome
119- Darren Sproles
186- Michael Egnew rookie
4- Jermichael Finley. I do not think he's still on the team.

Pack 3-
150- ROBERT GRIFFIN III! FINALLY! Finally I get an RG3 rookie!
179- Brian Urlacher, now on some other team
17- Carson Palmer. This set has been shelved so many times that Carson Palmer is still the Raiders QB. Wow.
96- Chris Johnson. I feel like the 85 set is kinda odd being reprinted. Never really liked it.
86- Chandler Jones rookie
128- Isaiah Pead rookie
151- Ryan Tannehill rookie, the third of the awesome QBs
23- Marques Colston

Pack 4-
103- Julio Jones
161- DESEAN JACKSON! Still awesome!
28- Ben Roethlisberger, still one of the more overrated QBs out there.
Brandon Lloyd 1000 Yard Club Insert. I love these.
63- Jay Cutler
106- AJ Jenkins rookie
166- Mohamed Sanu rookie
36- Matt Forte.

Pack 5-
53- Michael Turner
153- Brian Orakpo, on one of his off days from playing chess with the Geico cavemen
35- Kurt Warner, sporting a nice throwback with the Rams.
a 1970 glossy insert of Arian Foster, which is awesome
52- Kevin Kolb, still a disappointment for any team he comes across
142- Matthew Stafford, an underrated QB
178- DeVier Posey RC

Pack 6-
99- Pierre Garcon
141- Darrius Heyward-Bay, the love child of Jason Heyward and Jason Bay?
199- Robert Turbin RC. Did they stuff all the rookies into the 60's design?
201- Oh, cool! A short print of Willie 'Flipper' Anderson! Sweet!
24- David Wilson RC
64- Luke Kuechly, defensive ROY
133- Ryan Matthews
200- Ray Rice, one of the few Ravens who decided to stay on the team.

Pack 7-
26- Willis McGahee
54- Malcom Floyd
Annd....well, we've got a game used on our hands today
It is a 1985 design (sorta) game used of David Wilson of the Giants. He evidently did pretty damn well for the Giants last season, so that's nice. Always nice to pull a game used
105- Marshawn Lynch
38- Travis Benjamin rookie
56- Lamar Miller rookie

Pack 8-
154- BERNARD PIERCE, a Temple alum
49- Kendall Wright rookie
89- Reggie Bush, now on daaaaa Bears
117- Rashard Mendenhall
A Super Action insert of Alfred Morris, which is nice
101- Doug Martin rookie! That's awesome
181- Percy Harvin, now on the Seahawks.
32- And we end with JJ Watt

That was an awesome blaster, complete with a David Wilson Game Used, which is nice. A little later I will post the baseball blaster.

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