Saturday, June 22, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Cole Edition

The Pirates have not finished a season over .500 since 1992. Let me put that in perspective. In 1992, Bill Clinton was a senator, Jim Leyland was managing Pittsburgh, Barry Bonds was thin, Bryce Harper was 1, and Topps was still putting out cardboard sets.

Gerrit Cole might not be old enough to remember 1992, but he can remember the Pirates losing, which sorta drills the point home. After Barry Bonds left, the Pirates hazardously tries to fill the hole of stardom with people like Jay Bell, or Tony Womack, or Denny Neagle, or...Kip Wells!?!? Like, toward the mid-2000's, they just stopped trying.

Of course now, the Pirates are a consistently decent team, obviously thankful that they don't have to come in sixth anymore, who are suddenly doing pretty well. I think they're currently at .589, and that's a good place to be a few weeks from the All Star break.

Gerrit Cole, even if he's only had a few games in him, is a good young pitcher. I don't know what this means for the long run, but he's certainly pitching well now. He's not at a Strasburg level, however Strasburg was hyped like hell. Cole has been getting surprisingly no hype, yet he's still a very good pitcher. Is he as good as somebody like Matt Harvey, who started slow and built up? Not yet. Again, with Cole, you might have to wait a little bit.

And as for the Pirates, hopefully they'll hang on and have a winning record this year. Hopefully.

Coming Tomorrow- Finally here's a custom of that Indians pitcher that's surprisingly consistent.

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