Monday, June 24, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Scherzer Edition

Max Scherzer looks pissed. And he has a reason.

Max joined the team in 2010, right after they got to the first rung of the playoffs in 2009. For a good three seasons, Max had to deal with Justin Verlander being the total embodiment of Detroit pitching.

Even when he'd have a good season, Verlander would just come in and eclipse him. In 2011, he has a fairly decent season. What does Justin Verlander do? Win the Cy Young award AND the MVP. Last season, Max Scherzer has a better second half than Verlander. What does Verlander do to top him? Finish 2nd in Cy Young voting.

This season Scherzer has gotten off to a hell of a start, already racking up 10 wins, and being very high in the ERA rankings. Verlander hasn't had the start he's used to, but that's because he's used to be being better than Max Scherzer at everything. It's like they're brothers, just trying to top each other.

Scherzer is likely to get an All Star nod. Here's hoping Verlander doesn't try to top him by getting, like 3 nods or something.

Coming Tomorrow- The Twins are doing poorly this season. Their first baseman is doing alright, but his best days are behind him.

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