Thursday, June 27, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Wheeler Edition

First of all, that custom is awesome. I'd glad I got that photo before Sports Illustrated did.

Second of all, I'd like to crown the New York Mets as the Best Worst Team in baseball, for their feats of having great games and great players while doing everything wrong.

I mean, let's look, for a moment, at their pitching staff. They have Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Jon Niese, who are all doing very well, and are great additions to the staff. Also, they have Shaun Marcum and Dillon Gee, who do alright, but don't weigh them down that much. Again, those five are a solid rotation. I wouldn't be too disappointed with that.

What's disappointing is their starting lineup. Again, I'm not knocking the services of David Wright. What I am knocking, however, is the services of basically everybody else. People like Ike Davis, Justin Turner, Lucas Duda, Ruben Tejeda- all people who were really good two seasons ago, are barely hitting, and aren't playing well. They've turned into a dilapidated mess that can't hit. Look at Ike Davis- he's been demoted to the minors already this season!

And, like, two positions over, David Wright is having another All Star season at third. He's playing ridiculously well, like every other season where he's not injured. And if the Giants fans don't stuff too many more ballots, we may have an All Star season for someone on the Mets. Think about that- someone from the Mets, a team that has such roster stalwarts as Marlon Byrd and Ike Davis, will likely be starting the All Star Game.

Well, they'll always have that year they got beat for the NL East by the 2007 Phillies...and still lost in the playoffs.

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of those 'champion' Phillies, the current best player on the team, though his custom would have been timed better had it aired a week ago.

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